Hi I am Shannon. I am the lead marketing strategist here in AJ's. I am in charge of our Instagram and Facebook pages and our website as well as organising events for the little ones and for the adults too. I make sure everything is fun, child-friendly and positive. 

My favourite Disney character is Anna from Frozen.

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Hi, I am Gemma. I have recently returned from maternity leave, bringing my own child back to the setting. I am enthusiastic and love to get involved in the childcare role, as well as my own managerial duties. I hold a level 5 in young people and their services and will continue my studies in mental health in young people. I have been with AJ's, helping it grow and enjoy watching it to continue to grow. I am here for the staff as well as the children and parents and I ensure our children have the best care at all times.

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Hi, I am Cheryl. I am lucky enough to own AJ’s with the enormous help from all the practitioners here, making it possible. I absolutely love coming in to work every day to greet the little ones and the staff. It doesn't feel like a work place, it feels like a home from home. I use my skills and knowledge from my BSc Degree in Psychology to enhance the learning of the children and to make AJ’s a great place for all, including the parents.

My favourite Disney character has to be Simba from the Lion King. The morals he has kept with him through his struggles make him a very strong and respectable character. I also think he’s cute!

Hi, I am Chantelle,

I am an apprentice, working alongside Louise. I have learned so much here and continue to do so. I love working with children, it is something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl, always looking after children in the family and now I am lucky enough to get to do it on a daily basis, as my job! 


Hi, I am Louise. I am a childcare practitioner in AJ's. I love coming into AJ's each day, setting the environment for the little ones and watching them explore as they grow! Working in a smaller setting has given me opportunity to really hone in on each individual child's development. I have extensive knowledge and experience working with children with over 10 years experience. I enjoy the fact that each child is different, each bringing their own personality making teaching the young ones enjoyable.

​Hi I am Diane, in 2016 I retired from my profession as a head teacher to look after my grandson. During this time we found AJ’s, initially visiting as a customer then joining the team, playing a vital role in helping set up AJ’s as a nursery.

I have extensive experience in setting up new schools and gaining Ofsted registration and subsequent very positive inspection results. I have been working directly with children and in Education Management for over 25 years. I have specialist training with qualifications including a master of education (Special Educational Needs), including the role of SENCO and NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship).

My Favourite disney character is Baloo from The Jungle Book. I used to love watching this film with my family and I love the 'Bare Necessities' sketch!