Our work cycle takes place roughly 3 times a week. This is where the children each have play mat and can take a toy from the work cycle section and sit with it until they are done. They then take it back and swap it for a different one. These toys are designed to help children with different things. For example our velcro fruit toy, this helps them to precisely cut the fruit in half whilst using the plastic knife carefully. We also have toys to teach children how to thread buttons, tie shoelaces and lock and unlock different types of latches.

Messy Play & Crafts

Our messy play and craft sessions take place on most days of the week. We love the children to enjoy getting messy and exploring different textures and feelings. We create different messy activities in our tuff trays based on our weekly topics. We also do lots of craft activities using paints and different materials. It's great to see what the children come up with!

Forest School


Baby & Toddler Yoga

Every Monday morning we hold a baby and toddler yoga class to help your little one develop as well as having fun and learning! 

Work Cycle

On Wednesday mornings we bake with the children. We bake all different things based on our topic of the week. We've previously made Apricot & Carrot Muffins and Blueberry Cookies. All of our tasty treats are healthy & they are sent home with the children in their bags!