Montessori Inspired Work Cycle

Our work cycle takes place daily 3. This stems from the work of Maria Montessori. This is a self directed activity,with hands on learning and collaborative play.  The area is specifically set out to offer age appropriate choices for the children to independently and creatively explore. Whilst we guide the process it is the children who naturally lead their own development. Promotes leadership, and truly values the human spirit.

Our activities are always child-centred. Instead of planning a week or two in advance for a child's next steps, our practitioners are well equipped to identify when a child's learning can be extended there and then. Using that information, the partitioner will extend on what the child is currently exploring to enhance their learning. We offer our core provisions through work cycle and soft play, we look for teachable moments whilst gaining a strong understanding of the child and the level of learning the child is at.

Our Soft Play




We value the importance of outdoor play thus not having an outdoor facility has given us a great opportunity to think creatively and take the children on daily outings. If we are not in the secret garden we are taking the bus to the park or visiting residential homes, taking part in forest school activities or visiting the library or walking to the recycle centre. We try to use our opportunity to connect with the community and help our environment

Baby & Toddler Yoga

Every week we hold baby and toddler yoga classes to help your little one develop as well as having fun and learning! With our in house instructor we are able to help the children manage their cognitive development, help reduce tantrums and create mindfulness, aids language development, physical development including balance and increases the immune system among other benefits.

We have an open space with a large soft play area in for our children to play whilst learning. Here are some of the benefits of our soft play:

Encourages Physical Activity through hopping, jumping, climbing, crawling and leaping whilst learning the effects physical activity has on the body.
Develops Social Skills Children interact with their peers through role play or building and climbing, encouraging team work and other crucial social skills. 
Imaginative Play - Imaginative play helps young children to get creative, explore different roles, characters and make-believe environments.
Helps Develop all Skills- Soft play has been evidenced to encourage development on all levels including social and emotional, physical and imaginative.
Encouraged by the EYFS Framework
The Early Years Foundation Stage framework for 2017 states that the three crucial areas of learning and development upon which educational programmes are shaped on are:
• Communication and language.
• Physical development.
• Personal, social and emotional development.